Welcome to my photography website, Capturing The Moments Photography-TS, which was brought to life as my hobby through the love of the camera. Through the concept and vision of "capturing love", "capturing the love of a family", and "capturing the love of friends" and with that, preserving moments for a lifetime through the camera. Pictures capture our feelings and emotions, therefore becoming a reflective source for strength when we're feeling weak. There are many moments in our lives that we wish could last forever. Let me take you on a photographic journey of the many moments I have captured with my camera through my website. My photography covers all types of events or occasions where people typically need a professional photographer. From family portraits to graduations to anniversaries, weddings, and concerts, I not only make sure that you have the moment captured, but it will be in the style that you prefer and the photos will be high quality.

When I’m preparing for a shoot, I have a set vision of what I want the finished product to look like. I have all these ideas in my head prior to even photographing. So when it’s time to shoot, I need to get those ideas out of my head and onto the camera. I work hard and strive to be creative in acquiring the best picture. I Focus on your needs as a person and a client. I genuinely care for your well-being as your photographer. I will do a Photo Session or an Event for you and give you a CD copy of the photos (included in the hourly charge).